Microphone not Detecting Sound

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Microphone not Detecting Sound

Post by matthewmaday » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:39 pm

ASIO4ALL microphone is not audible in Cubase 10 Pro

First off, her is the technology used:
- AKG p120 mic
- Alesis MultiMix 4 FX
- Windows 10
- ASIO4ALL (latest version)
- Cubase 10 Pro
- NVIDIA CARD (with Realtek - not required but listing it as a conflict)

I just dumped a few hundred Euro on Cubase 10 Pro and the most basic of functions does not appear to work. Recording audio from a microphone. It is probably important to mention that other applications pick up the microphone just fine. As a test, I used Voice Recorder from Microsoft without issue. I followed the steps that seem to be appropriate:

Opened Studio/audio connections
Added a mono track under inputs
Made "Audio Device" ASIO4ALL
Set the device port to 1
Closed the window

Opened Studio Setup/VST Audio System/ASIO4ALL v2
For "I/O / in" I set port system to HD Audio Mic input 1
Made it visible
it's state is active

the same settings for the second In port

3. I opened up the Mix Console

4. Selected the "Acoustic Guitar" track

5. enabled "record"

6. Enabled "monitor"

7. Opened "edit channel settings"

8. Selected "input" to be "Mono 1"

I spoke into the microphone and no sound is detected in the lower right-hand corner
when I select "transport record", no sound is detected

What am I missing? Why would the mic be detected perfectly in other apps but not in Cubase? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has been a few days of messing with this issue and there appears to be no solution.

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