Display bug with RX2 loop files when zooming

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Display bug with RX2 loop files when zooming

Post by mykejb » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:59 pm

Found this one today. Drag a .RX2 file into a project then alter the horizontal scaling of the display. As you zoom in and out the display waveform for the RX2 file is incorrect. It shows changing slices positions and at a certain point the last 50% or so of the waveform vanishes. I'm not changing the BPM here, just the zoom level and the BPM is set at the same BPM as the audio file. If I do this with the audio playing it sounds fine so it's purely a display problem.

Anyone else seen or can duplicate this? If so I'll put in a bug report and sit waiting optimistically for a fix in Cubase 15.

Cubase 10 under Windows 10

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