Newly rendered audio not available

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Newly rendered audio not available

Post by Nuieve »


I render an audio track. I close the project and open another one and try to import said audio. Doesn't work. I check the newly created audio files, they're 0 bytes. I didn't delete them when closing original project, I saved the project to keep the files. But the files don't exist just yet.

I have to close the Cubase entirely.

Then the audio files appear to be finally created, have actual appropriate size (say, 10Mb). I think things are ok now. Wrong.

Then I try to import them. Nothing happens.

I check the size again, it's 0 bytes again.

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Re: Newly rendered audio not available

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


How exactly do you render the audio track? Where do you render it? Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

What OS do you use?
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