Markers and regions embedded into audio file

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Markers and regions embedded into audio file

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Adobe Audition, Izotope RX, many portable recorders (and I think ProTools) can embed markers and regions right into the waveform. When I import files that other people recorded and set markers in, Nuendo won't read them. I can open the file in Audition or RX and see them perfectly. I see no way of translating this information directly into Nuendo.

The marker track in Nuendo is very useful, but I would like to see the ability to directly embed markers on the waveform we see. That way I could mark certain places like "guitar solo starts here," or other useful info. The markers would follow the waveform. Right now, a marker track's marker can't be locked to a clip, so when I move clips around with markers, I have to remember to select the markers with it.

The markers on the waveform should be similar to Nuendo's marker tracks. We should be able to have place/time markers and region/range markers.These should also translate back out so other programs like Audition and PT can read them.

Also, please make the markers on the marker tracks lockable: Lockable to clips, and even lockable on the marker track. I know you can lock the whole track, but that's not useful when I have multiple range markers, some of which need to stay put, and others that need to move around.
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