MXF Import & Export

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MXF Import & Export

Post by NuendoUser888 »

Please add this feature. MXF (Material Exchange Format) will add to cross-platform compatibility with video editors.

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Re: MXF Import & Export

Post by stefanr »

Yes, please. I've been asked by video editors if they can send me MXF as this seems to be a very comfortable format for them.
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Re: MXF Import & Export

Post by klant »


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Re: MXF Import & Export

Post by ErikG »

Note that mxf is a container and not a format.
A mxf file can contain almost any time of media just wrapped in the mxf container.
Such as mp3/mp4/bwav/aiff/raw/dnx36/prores etc etc. it is not a format in itself although it can easily be mistaken as one.

that is why "support mxf" just isn't that simple.
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Re: MXF Import & Export

Post by basicX »

Same applies to the old .mov format (quicktime) which was easy ;-)!
MXF is a must have nowadays!

Supported codecs should to be:

- dnxhd
- dnxhr
- prores
- avc intra
- xavc intra
- xdcam

all bit rates of course, as well as sd, hd, uhd, and 23 up to 60 fps.
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