Can I connect up 2 x mr816x via ur824 to laptop?

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Can I connect up 2 x mr816x via ur824 to laptop?

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Hi guys

I'm looking for portability with my set up so I don't have to strip down and transport my main DAW eveytime I need to record bands. I've just ordered a laptop daw and now I want to connect up my mr816x's to said laptop. Obviously this needs to be via a USB audio interface so I was considering the ur824 as a master and running the 2 x mr's via adat thus giving me 24 inputs.

Is the ur824 the right model for this? My worry is that the ur's are 6 years old and like the mr's might have support stopped for them in the next year or so? Are there any rumours on the 'next model'?

Any suggestions would be very welcomed

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