Issues with CI 1 Interface

This section is about Steinberg's USB audio interfaces CI1, CI2 and CI2+
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Issues with CI 1 Interface

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I'm having some problems with my CI 1 USB interface...first off, im using Mac Osx 10.68 (snowleopard).
I have the driver installed for the interface. but here is my problem, I open up garageband, and create a new "electric guitar track"...i can see the signal, but no sound is coming out. So then i delete that track, and open a new "electric guitar track" and it works. Do I need to do this everytime I open up garageband ? Do you guys know why this could be happening?

Also, another problem is that the master volume on the interface doesn't do anything, I have to go into the garageband program and change it, this is very strange. I deleted and reinstalled the driver many times, but no luck. any help would be appreciated. thanks so much

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