Do not buy from eBay seller "mr_shiverz" aka "songkick"!

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Do not buy from eBay seller "mr_shiverz" aka "songkick"!

Post by Ed Doll » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:19 am

Dear all,

We think that mr_shiverz who recently changed his ID to songkick got hold of stolen credit card information and bought licenses on other people's accounts just to resell them on eBay. Those orders were blocked and the USB-eLicensers connected to the fraudulent activation code purchases were disabled for any further license transaction. We are currently collecting data and have already handed over the case to our lawyers. The auctions have been reported to eBay.

So please do not buy anything from this seller as your USB-eLicenser will be disabled sooner or later! If you already have, make sure to claim a refund through eBay or Paypal.
Ed Doll, Support Manager
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