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HALion 6.3 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.3 maintenance update available now

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:34 pm
by Florian Haack
The latest maintenance update for HALion 6.3 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.3 has a lot in store for you! Our major improvement is the new pitch analysis for the wavetable editor and the sample editor. You can access the Pitch analysis also via scripting for samples. This makes it much more easier to edit large amounts of samples with scripting or to write scripts which make use of the pitch analysis in a more creative way.

Overall, the update includes four new scripting features that creators of HALion instruments will embrace. Not to forget, more improvements and fixes – all told we counted 24!

For the download of the update and the version history, please open your Steinberg Download Assistant.

Everything scripting related for the new pitch analysis can be found here:

Analyze pitch

Cancel pitch analysis

Get pitch

Get pitch analysis progress