Small Request/Fix: Window On Top

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Small Request/Fix: Window On Top

Post by suntower » Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:51 pm

I dunno if you share any code with Cubase, but I run into this occasionally with both programs. I call it 'Windows Where's Waldo?' An example:

I'll try to open a floating window such as Batch Convert. I click on the output folder field to browse for a folder. I select a drive that is no longer connected on the network. I click and nothing happens. Click again. Click again. WTF?

Then I notice that there are now -three- Windows Login dialogs (User Name/PW) hiding =beneath= various WL floating windows. So it was 'working' but the window didn't appear on top as expected.

Again, -occasionally- I've started noticing this also since upgrading to Cubase 7. Never noticed it before in C6.

Anyhoo, I coulda sworn that certain windows, eg. Task Manager, should -always- force themselves 'on top' so this can't happen. Certainly haven't noticed the problem outside of WL7... and now C7.

Anyone else?

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