Library of GA Arrangements?

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Library of GA Arrangements?

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I recently watched the great video here:

which shows how parts which trigger Groove Agent (GA) patterns can be defined and ordered to create the sections of a song (e.g. i AAB C AB D etc.), causing GA to play the drums for a song in its entirety.

The video is enlightening, and it suggests to me that a library of generalized song structures for triggering the drums could be defined, after which changing the kits, pad definitions, patterns in GA itself would recast any generalized structure into a new genre.

I would really love to short-cut my process of arranging fully formed songs (drums) in GA.

I wonder, has anyone gone down that road and might they possibly be willing to share the results?

If private sharing is preferred, please PM me.

( I'll be happy to make a donation to your favorite charity for good templates that move me forward! )

- sj1
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Re: Library of GA Arrangements?

Post by Denis van der Velde »

Thx. Groove Agent 4 is just about the best drumsampler on the market.
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