"Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

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"Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

Post by mykejb »

I sometimes wonder if people who design interfaces actually use them. GA5 apparently has (insert impressive fanfare here) "Resizable Windows" !!!

Yep ... the windows resize, but the contents don't. Looking at the editor for the "Modern Cuban 01" groove
How not to do resizing
(96.6 KiB) Not downloaded yet
There's twice as much blank space in the window as information, yet the content hasn't resized so the full name of the instrument substyle is readable. Kinda makes you wonder whether this was picked up and looked at in the beta program or not, and if it was picked up then I guess the project leads decided it wasn't important. If one of my programmers produced something like that they'd be told to fix it. Having said that, lazy UI programming like this seems to be common at the moment (helloooo Native Instruments, looking at you here!!)

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Re: "Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

Post by Puma0382 »

Yes - a 'resizable window' only; hmm... I'm missing the point here - what does it actually help with..?

So, in other words no fully scaleable UI support. I guess this has to be because the rest of the application, isn't really ready for that (Vector Graphics) yet. ! Maybe it improves with Cubase 10..? :)

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Re: "Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

Post by avviano »

In case you missed it, there is a thread on this topic allready: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=146552

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Re: "Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

Post by bonghat »

That must be in the fake news category ;)

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Re: "Resizable" is clearly misunderstood at Steinberg

Post by 40W »

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