New to Groove Agent (5)....Kits, proper folder /path...

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New to Groove Agent (5)....Kits, proper folder /path...

Post by johnklimeck »

Hello fellow GA (5) users,

Long time musician / guitarist, and Apple sys eng....but new to GA 5...

How in he world do I get a kit to load...I believe I do not have the "kits" in the correct folder path of the GA 5 kits....

When I right click to "Load Kit with patterns", I get a window (All Instrument Sets), and in seconds everything that was in that window disappears.


~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

I have 31 GB of GA 5 drum kits, but these are not in the correct folder / path... Help. Thx in advance, john
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