Newbie searches for Orchestra VSTs

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Newbie searches for Orchestra VSTs

Post by Jaqr »

I hope i am on the right board to ask this question.
I've been making a little bit of music with Cubase the last years, but mostly very amateurish recordings of ideas i had for guitar so i didn't really dig deep into the software.

Since a while i wanted to go to classical / score / orchestra music, but the cubase synths didn't satisfy me.
I have a little bit of money to spend, but not a lot.
I am searching for VSTs for strings, orchestra percussion, and the common orchestra instruments, or other ways than VSTs to get the sounds if there are.

Thank you for your advices.

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Re: Newbie searches for Orchestra VSTs

Post by ColinPark »

Halion Symphonic Orchestra is a good way to get started cheaply. I guess it comes with Dorico, but you can buy it stand alone.
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