Problem and suggestion

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Problem and suggestion

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First sorry for my English

I have 1 problem and 2 suggestions :
+ My problem concerns the channel strip : When I use my controller on the compressor for exemple, I can't see the values on the channel strip view.

++ when I use the EQ for exemple or the compressor with my controller, I would like the window of the channel view opens automatically.

++ On Pyramix, when we import an AAF, we have an option to automatically group the clips of the same length. It's a very good option for multitracks editing

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Re: Problem and suggestion

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Hi, dont know if this can help you because of your AAF mention but for for your grouping of clips of the same length problem, I see two things :

- in the pool window you can sort files by length (for quick and easy selection) then drag and drop them into the project -> select different tracks -> they are all aligned on different tracks

- if you then put your audio tracks inside a folder track, activate "group editing" (KC = K) and now all events that have the same start and end time are grouped.



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