Selective undo

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Selective undo

Post by ggc »


We have a nice undo history list...

Wouldnt it be nice if one could recover that deleted midifile we made at the start of the project and somehow accidentally deleted along the way without undoing hundreds of steps to get there again?

Scenario: open undo history list -> rightclick a step in the undo list and only undo that one step.

(Obviously one can only selectively undo/recover deleted items like whole tracks, audio files, midi files etc..--- nothing with dependencies later down the line...)

Thanks for considering;)

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Re: Selective undo

Post by Prock »

+1 Good idea that would come in handy.

Regards 8-)
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Re: Selective undo

Post by peakae »

And could be further improved by a filter, simply a text box you could type keywords into, would be a great start.
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