how to delete markers in iC Pro?

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how to delete markers in iC Pro?

Post by gmontano »

I can't see how to delete markers after they are created. The manual doesn't cover this. Any advice? Thanks.
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Re: how to delete markers in iC Pro?

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At the moment it is not possible to delete markers in Cubase iC Pro.

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Re: how to delete markers in iC Pro?

Post by mr.roos »

Doesn't the new video from Steinberg say it IS possible to add and delete markers? :?:

Oops, I was wrong, no deleting of markers in iC Pro.
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Re: how to delete markers in iC Pro?

Post by ibanezwiz79 »

Yes you absolutely can delete them... just not from your ipad... if you add a marker track in your project (if it's not up already) you can see each marker that you create from Cue IC Pro being added in your actual project. So you can add as many as you want on IC Pro and they will be shown in your project... you just have to actually delete them using the eraser or whatever within the actual Marker Track in your Project and IC Pro will delete them automatically.
Hope that helped a little!

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Re: how to delete markers in iC Pro?

Post by Leonard_A »

I still don’t understand how to delete markers within iC Pro app.
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