continuous playback from two different segments

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continuous playback from two different segments

Post by galileo27 »

Hi anyone knows if is there a way to select two different parts on my timeline and have Cubase playing it continuously?
For instance bar 2-4 and then bar 10-13 and have it looped?
So I can listen to bars 2-4 jumps automatically to 10-13 and back to 2-4 etc.?
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Re: continuous playback from two different segments

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


If you mean at the same time, no Cubase can't do this. Cubase works linearly.

If you just want to skip bars 5-9, you have two options:
1) Use Arranger track.
2) Set Right locator to bar 5 and Left Locator to bar 9. Enable Cycle. Hit playback. If the Locators are swapped, the part is jumped over.
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