POLL - Font size - Nuendo 8 vs Cubase 10

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Which font size you prefer ? Smaller one used in Nuendo 8 or bigger in Cubase 10

Smaller fonts - Nuendo 8
Bigger fonts - Cubase 10
none of the above
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Total votes: 9

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POLL - Font size - Nuendo 8 vs Cubase 10

Post by Tomek »

Fonts size on visibillity tabs used in Nuendo vs Cubase.
Personaly I prefer smaller one. :D

It is strange, by the way, that programmers are not consistent here...
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Re: POLL - Font size - Nuendo 8 vs Cubase 10

Post by TEEF »

I prefer the price of the larger. You get more!

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Re: POLL - Font size - Nuendo 8 vs Cubase 10

Post by Stephen57 »

Larger Fonts preferred.
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Re: POLL - Font size - Nuendo 8 vs Cubase 10

Post by -steve- »

Nuendo 8 should be be compared to Cubase 9, not 10. When Nuendo 10 comes out, you can make an apples to apples comparison.
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