Apple Mainstage alternatives?

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Apple Mainstage alternatives?

Post by metl4evr » Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:09 pm

Heyyyy all!

So I'm a (windows) Steinberg user of almost 20 years here. Pretty loyal. I've come to this forum to see if any of you fellow musicians know of any software alternative to MAINSTAGE for Mac. I'm a keyboard player and I'm looking to update my rig to be DAW based, as I'll be able to combine hardware and software.

I do NOT relish the idea of having to buy a damn Mac just for live performance. Or for any reason for that matter. So I'm trying to avoid that, PLUS I wouldn't be able to afford it anytime soon either.

Any thoughts? Is there maybe a Steinberg alternative that can do what Mainstage does?
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