Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

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Re: Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

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Re: Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

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easybullet3 wrote:
Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:13 pm
It would be so helpful if Cubase Staff would answer questions in these forums (becuase SUpport Tickets have such a slow turn around), and many support tickets get ignored.
The forums are the only place where we can get useful help.
Basically: improve customer service please.
They do not have a customer service, man. Forget about it. They do not support their customers and pay no attention for their issues. We just post here our requests in HOPE to get help, but there is no teq support here, only regular customers as I. They do not have direct support, for e.g. when I got problems with Waves, their engineer reach my pc remotely and solved the issue while we spoke by phone.

I wish Studio One kicks your ass someday, Steinberg!
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