Download link for Tools for ur-c 1.0.1 please

This section is about Steinberg's UR-C audio interfaces product range
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Download link for Tools for ur-c 1.0.1 please

Post by misohoza »

Could someone please post a download link for Tools for ur-c version 1.0.1 (older version)?

Since I've installed the latest version I'm having problems with Cubase mixer. Can't use the mouse to move faders or panners (click and drag), double clicking into value field doesn't work either. It looks like some kind of focus problem. When clicking on the fader, the channel doesn't have a red rectangle drawn around it to indicate it's selected.

I can use mousewheel to change the value, Ctrl + click to set to default value or Alt + click to make make the fader jump to certain value.

This affects mix console and inspector in the project window. Channel settings window works correctly.

As this started to happen after installing the latest tools I'd like to roll back to previous version to see if it fixes the issue.
I already thought I fixed this by reinstalling the latest tools but the issue came back next time I started the computer.
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Re: Download link for Tools for ur-c 1.0.1 please

Post by ca-booter »

I do not have this issue, everything works just fine after the Tools update.
But I still have the 1.0.1 software package for you if you want. I can send it if you PM me.
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