Part/Event Names as an option in Render-in-place

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Part/Event Names as an option in Render-in-place

Post by HowlingUlf » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:25 am

Well, it's almost all there in the subject line.

When using the Bounce-in-place command and the diolog box that comes with it for settings I'd find it wonderfully useful to in addition to typing in an overall name for all the clips also have an option to have Cubase naming the new audio files after the Part/Event Names they were rendered from.

Sometimes I just hit Rec and play for half an hour or more (sometimes much more) to see what my fingers want to sing about, then use Detect Silence to get rid of the wholes and finally edit away all the nonsense to arrive at a few good ideas in the end.

Instead of just getting 103 files named like "161024-01.wav", "161024-02.wav", "161024-03.wav" I could have the Part Names set inside Cubase when I edit them, move them around and reorder them for any reason and have it done while I'm in the zone and all files are in context and fresh in my mind.

Chopping up audio files in Cubase is amazingly easy when you figure out some method that suits your mind, and there are lots of opitions! 8-)
Naming of the final product not so much ...
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