Focusrite 18i20 with cubase problem?

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Focusrite 18i20 with cubase problem?

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Hello everyone. I am new to Cubase and am hoping to get some help. I have Cubase 9 and my interface is a focusrite 18i20 1st gen. I have all my connections plugged in, guitar (input 2), mic (input 1), roland drum kit in stereo (input 3 & 4) and they are going through the USB 2.0. I make 4 tracks and then go to device set up and make focusrite 2.0 as the driver. Then I route everything just as I have the inputs. I have a head phone on each monitor of the focusrite. After I have all of that complete the focusrite doesn't seem to get any input from the instruments when I change the driver to the focusrite 2.0. I tried hitting record after arming the tracks and no signal is getting to the DAW. I am wondering if there is something up with the Scarlett Mix Control but I have that on the default setting. When I plugged the focusrite into my ipad to record through Auria, it automatically recognizes everything and is very simple. Any one got any ideas? Not sure if it's a problem with my interface or not. I have my speaker monitors hooked up to my computer sound card too and no sound comes through since I have to change the driver to the focusrite 2.0 instead of the general ASIO. Any way around this since I have my computer in a separate room from the interface for monitoring. Let me know if this seems to vague to answer and thanks for any help.

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