GA3 Percussion module NOT sending MIDI

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GA3 Percussion module NOT sending MIDI

Post by jgaryt »

Hi all,

Once upon a time, I used GA3 all the time, but it seems to be seriously outdated these days. However, now and again I find a use for it, and today, it was to lay a simple "shaker" track. After getting my presets (memory buttons) setup, I was ready to record. I made sure that "Live MIDI to Host" was enabled, and that all my routing was correct, but no MIDI data to the track! If I enable the top module and play a regular drum kit, it works just fine. What am I missing?
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Re: GA3 Percussion module NOT sending MIDI

Post by podeig »

I think I found answer here: ... 0.2.14.pdf

«It is not possible to export MIDI from the Special Agent and Percussion Agent Module. This is because the audio
material consists of live played performances / audio loops and not of playable kits like in GA classic.»

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