New to Atari Cubase and MIDI...HELP!!!

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New to Atari Cubase and MIDI...HELP!!!

Post by Oldschool101 »

Hi, My name is Tommy. I am new to Atari Cubase and MIDI. I recently purchased a Atari 1040STE Upgraded to 4mb with 4160 authentic badge. Cubase 3.1 SE and Midex+. I have been reading and learning allot about midi. I just now am starting to understand the basics of Midi I/O and routing. I have run across a problem and really really need help from someone that knows about all this stuff. Here is my dilemma...

I just was trying to set up using my Korg Trinity keyboard to control my Akai S1000 sampler via the Atari and this is what happend...

I have connected Trinity out to Atari (Midex in 1). Turned local off on the Trinity. Connected Akai in to Atari (Midex out 1). Then chose Midex 1 as the output in Cubase and checked that midi Thru was enabled. I have the Akai (Audio) connected to the mixer and drum samples loaded. When I press play/enter button on the sampler it auditions a drum sound that I hear through my monitor I know that works. When I try to play the Trinity keys I get no sound from the Akai. The Midi I/O indicators on Cubase both show Midi is coming through as well as the Akai Midi indicator lights up when I press the Trinity keys. Cubase will even record the data and play it back...but no sound coming out of my audio from the Akai. I'm sure it just has to be something simple that is wrong. I have double checked everything. Either I'm doing something wrong or something is not working properly. :( Please help before I commit myself to the mental ward...
Best regards to all.

P.S... Also tried this with just the Trinity connected to the Atari and still no sound while playing or on playback...but data is recorded.

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Re: New to Atari Cubase and MIDI...HELP!!!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I don't know whether there are any Cubase Atari users on here any more, but if it helps, seeing as you're getting an indication of MIDI getting into the Akai, my guess is it would be a matter of getting the MIDI channel correct -- find out what MIDI channel the Akai responds to (e.g. if it was GM compatible, it would be channel 10) and set the output channel of the Cubase track you're playing to that channel. Sorry, I can't remember how to do that exactly on Atari, but just try them all until you hear sound.
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