Every slate plug-in blacklisted

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Every slate plug-in blacklisted

Post by ErikWMP »

Just out of the blue, Cubase 9.5 decides to blacklist every single 64 bit plugin from Slate Digital, in my case: Trigger 2, VTM, VCC, VerbSuite, FG X.
This is incredibly frustrating as I'm in the middle of important productions, clients waiting for revisions, labels waiting etc. And I simply can not work.

When I try to manually re-activate the blacklisted plugins I get the following message:
"Reactivating the plug-in failed! For support information, please contact the plug-in vendor."

I've contacted Slate, but no answer yet. I'd appreciate any ideas on how to solve this ridiculous problem ASAP.

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Re: Every slate plug-in blacklisted

Post by mmerc2 »

Did you ever get any resolution on this? I was installing the Raven MTi 2 software the other night and all of a sudden I got an error notice in Cubase 9.5 Pro saying that the Slate Virtual Mix Rack was added to the blacklist. I couldn't manually restore either.


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