Separate key commands for the 3 select tools

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Separate key commands for the 3 select tools

Post by cinematree »

Could we please have a separate key command for the regular select tool, the "sizing moves contents" tool, and the "sizing applies time stretch" tool?

I'm often having to look up from being in the flow to see which is selected.
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Re: Separate key commands for the 3 select tools

Post by OxygenBeats »

+1 YES! I don't have an issue so much with the select tool as I do the curve tool.

But I understand your frustration because I have to do the same thing whenever I use my key command to make lines. I only really use the straight line and the more parabolic curves, and now that we have bezier curves, I really only need the straight line tool. I would like to just know that when I hit the key command, the tool I want is the tool that is selected.

And what makes it harder/more confusing is that the tools for the editor window are separate from the tools from the project window... Somtimes I'm looking at the editor window wanting to change my tool, but I last clicked in the project window, so I'm not changing the tool for the editor window at all but instead the tool for the project window and vice versa. SO frustrating!!

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