Dec 3, 2018 - Update for Halion, Halion Sonic, & Halion Sonic SE

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Dec 3, 2018 - Update for Halion, Halion Sonic, & Halion Sonic SE

Post by Prock »

In case you haven't seen it.


Regards 8-)
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Re: Dec 3, 2018 - Update for Halion, Halion Sonic, & Halion Sonic SE

Post by Puma0382 »

Thanks for posting...
But what is this.? Another 30GB download of content to update too.? Is that really needed..? It's labelled as v6.2 so I presume it has to be done - or HALion 6 will fail in some way..? Some clarity please, SB...
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Re: Dec 3, 2018 - Update for Halion, Halion Sonic, & Halion Sonic SE

Post by HomePlayer »

It might work without loading the additional 30 GByte but probably you'll miss some sounds/instruments.
But the downloadmanager is pretty bad. If the download is interrupted for some reason, it seems that it cannot restart from the point of interruption. So why is Steinberg using such a bad tool that just creates problems?
Unfortunatley I have only a 16 MB line. So download takes about 6 hours. The last time i have downloaded Halion 6 (the 28 GByte Version) I had to do it three times. Now with the new update I am doing it already the second time.
Why does Steinberg not provide us the Zip- or Rar-Archives directly so that we can use our own downloadmanager.
Or provide 2 GByte Packages (like former versions) to download each at one time and if one fails just reload this only one package?

The first time I had this many issues with the download I sent a supportrequest to Steinberg but never got an answer.
This is not what I expect from a Professional company that sells "Pro"-Software.

Next Problem I had.
After the installation of the new Hailon 6.2 I started Cubase 10 but it was setting Halion 6 on the black-list :roll: . Very well done.

I am a really frustrated user
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Re: Dec 3, 2018 - Update for Halion, Halion Sonic, & Halion Sonic SE

Post by peachy »

Took me less than an hour to download complete package. Update went smoothly.
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