Cursor Tool Bug

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Cursor Tool Bug

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This bug is starting to really get annoying, to the point of posting a topic even though I know after years of experience with Steinberg that the changes of anything being done about are...

When editing the volume of an audio clip in project window, the cursor should automatically change tool when hovered over vertatyin areas of the audio clip. Eg, volume when hovered over the volume handle.

What happens is that the cursor seems "locked" in to itself and will not switch tool/mode. If I then switch to a completely different tool (*eg eraser) and back, then it starts working as normal, as if it's been "jogged" back to life.

It gets me every time, and I am constantly cursing at the software as it is just not behaving right.

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Re: Cursor Tool Bug

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I've seen this on every Mac system that I've used.
Never on PC.

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