Alesis VI25 Controller and Cubase

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Alesis VI25 Controller and Cubase

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Hi eyverbody,

bought an Alesis VI 25 for a very low price yesterday. The controller itself is great as you get a semi-weighted keyboard
and 16 fullsized drumpads. But as soon as it was connected I got kinda frustrated: No skipping through banks with the pad controller,
you can ony change the octave of the keys. Plus transport, knobs and buttons are not premapped. So you cannot really enjoy it until
you setup a generic remote. The VI25 Editor by Alesis is also not very intuitive to use and it took me a lot of frickling.

You find the generic remote and the Presets for the slots of the VI25 attached to this post.
Alesis VI 25 Cubase
(4.24 KiB) Downloaded 241 times
You'll still need to install the VI25 Editor to transmit the presets to the keyboard.

Please read the ReadMe-file for further instructions.
I hope that this will be a huge timesaver for other users.

Kind regards

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Re: Alesis VI25 Controller and Cubase

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Just got me an AlesisVI25 midi controller. Am a cubase Pro 10.5 user and dummy 'bout midi controllers. Downloaded your Cubase template but don't understand how to apply it. Your read me file says : " to import the files to the slots " but in the Alesis VI25 editor I see : knobs, switches, drumpads and I don't get what you exactly meant by " slots " , also I don't see how to import the files : is it via " Load preset from Hardware " ???

Thank 's for sharing your experience
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