Cannot find VST instruments

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Cannot find VST instruments

Post by K-Z »

I am quite new to Cubase, but are familiar with other MIDI/recording software. I bought a Steinberg UR 242 Sound card. It works fine with the boundled Cubase AI / LE 9, but when I installed some new VST keyboards, they don't appear as new synths. They are located in plugin manager, and are in 64-bit (Windows OS).

Some examples of installed VST's:

When installing a mix plugin, it disappears in the menu right away.

Is this a limitation of the Cubase AI/LE or is there something I have missed?

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Re: Cannot find VST instruments

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the plug-ins (*.dll or *.vst3) files are stored in the scanned folder, or set Cubase to scan the folder, where is the plug-in stored.

Make sure the plug-in is not Blacklisted.

Then you should see the plug-in. Can you see the plug-in in the VST Instrument list?

No, there is no Cubase AI limitation regarding to plug-ins. You should see all plug-ins, same as it is with Cubase Pro.
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