Delete Symphonic Orchestra

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Delete Symphonic Orchestra

Post by robertst51+ »

I haven't been able to find a solution to this problem. I downloaded a trial version of Symphonic Orchestra. I decided to NOT buy it. Now whenever I load Cubase 10 I get a message saying that it cannot find the files. It says I can find more detail if I click a button. When I do it tells me the following:"Go to Your System Disc"/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content. Look for the product name contained in the filename and remove the corresponding VST Sound files. When I go there I do not find the files. Any help appreciated.

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Re: Delete Symphonic Orchestra

Post by usafirefly »

Simply select the other option with that error message to IGNORE looking for it. Notherwards when you start your software it won't bother looking for it and you won't get that error message. That should go for all trial software whose time has come.

It's either IGNORE or REMOVE but you don't want to go looking for it of course.

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Re: Delete Symphonic Orchestra

Post by Nickeldome »

You probably removed the content files but not the vst? So upon loading Cubase 10 it tries the find the relevant content files. Look for the vst 32 and/or 64 bits (dll or vst3) and remove this manually.
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Re: Delete Symphonic Orchestra

Post by NathanBros »

Another approach could be reinstalling it again then removing with a specialized tool like Revo Uninstaller, which scans the system for left over items (registry and files).
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