Sound delay

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Sound delay

Post by Louise4000 »

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem I am having with my Cubase 5 setup. I currently have Cubase 5 fully installed and licenced on my laptop and I have a Roland piano connected to the system via an Omega midi Interface. The problem I am having is that there is a half second delay to when I press the key on the piano and when I hear the sound. A friend has told me that it's likely to be a problem with Direct Output Monitoring ? Could anyone please give any advice on how to solve this setup ?

Louise ;)

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Re: Sound delay

Post by Split »

What is an Omiga midi interface?

Have a look at this topic (currently the one directly under this one)> ... =19&t=1490
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Re: Sound delay

Post by matjones »

I would hazard a guess that you mean a lexicon omega interface?
If so then you need to lower the buffer size for the interface, either from the control panel software that comes with it or from the devices menu in cubase.

if it's not a lexicon omega then just ignore me ;)
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Re: Sound delay

Post by mesaone »

I have a feeling this may be output latency, caused by your soundcard and not by your MIDI setup. Go to Devices menu-> Device Setup and see what latency is listed.

The transmission of MIDI is almost instantaneous. The latency comes into play when the incoming MIDI triggers a device, the resulting sound is processed by your soundcard before it is played back.

Or maybe you know all this and it is a different issue?

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