export selected tracks !

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export selected tracks !

Post by ballagnat »


when you batchexport tracks (file / export / audio mixdown / multitracks or batch) it is quite long to choose individulay each desired track.

In my case, I work with a huge scoring template containing about 250 VST OUTS (from many VEP instances).
When I have finished my cues, I need to export midi to audio. But, in most of the cases, only few VST returns are concerning (between 8 and 32).
I have to write the name of the track and check the box on the menu for each track.

It is very long and boring.

So,please create the function whitch allow user to export the selected tracks, it will be time saving.


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Re: export selected tracks !

Post by tim_heinrich »


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Re: export selected tracks !

Post by shomynik »

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Re: export selected tracks !

Post by Prock »

Is the "Export Multiple Channels" function (available in Cubase Pro 10) what you want? You can choose whatever tracks you want to export from the "Channel Selection" menu.

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Re: export selected tracks !

Post by Accel0001 »

I use this Macro.

File - Export Audio Mixdown
Audio Export - Sync Channel Selection with MixConsole
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