NUENDO 10 - The Landmark Release - available now!

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NUENDO 10 - The Landmark Release - available now!

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Dear members of the Nuendo family,

Today I’m more than excited to announce the availability of NUENDO 10, our landmark release! After more than 1.5 years of development, we’ve been releasing Nuendo 10.0 just today. Nuendo 10 brings many long-awaited features to the Nuendo platform. For this release, we also fixed more than 50 issues compared to Cubase 10, which shares the same development branch and has been released a couple of months ago.

Overview on new features in Nuendo 10.0:
• Field Recorder Audio Import
• ADM Import
• Video Cut Detection
• Doppler effect
• Voice Designer sound design tool
• DearReality – in VR authoring
• AmbiDecoder improvements
• Enhanced offline processing
• Audio alignment panel
• Distroyer effect
• New Channel Strip
• Latency monitoring
• Drag&Drop to MediaRack
• 32bit integer and 64bit floating point engine support
• VariAudio 3
• MixConsole Snapshots
• Improved sidechaining
• Groove Agent SE 5
• Redesigned plug-ins, panels, windows and dialogues for better usability
• Improvements to adding tracks, multiple tracks, routing setup
• Improved performance on systems with 14+ cores
• Better Hitpoint detection algorithm
• Better resampling quality
• 5GB of sounds and loops
• ProSoundEffects - Sound FX library

More new features coming in free updates 10.1 and 10.2:
• Cuesheet export (Nuendo 10.1 – June 2019)
• ARA support (Nuendo 10.1 – June 2019)
• Video Rendering (Nuendo 10.2 – July 2019)

For Nuendo 10, we also reworked the entire Nuendo website, introducing theme worlds, more than 20 feature videos and 3 very interesting interviews in the areas of post-production (Keith Alexander interview), game audio (Paul Lipson of Formosa about Nuendo on Halo Wars, Uncharted etc.) and Virtual Reality (BigOrange on VR production using Nuendo) – HAVE A LOOK! In future, the Nuendo website will provide news about Nuendo, studio installations, updates, sales offers and more. It will be the central hub for information regarding the Nuendo platform and will also provide the possibility to directly reach out to the ProAudio team at Steinberg for non-support related questions.

See the new website with all the information on Nuendo 10:
(please delete Browser Cache or renew bookmark if necessary)

Learn more about the Nuendo 10 NEW PRICING scheme in the Steinberg online shop: Nuendo 10 pricing

Grace Period information: Previous Nuendo versions activated from March 13 2019 are eligibly for a cost-free Grace Period update
to Nuendo 10. More information on how to obtain the Grace Period update can be found here: GP for Nuendo 10

We’ve put many efforts into the launch of NUENDO 10 – The Landmark Release and we hope you enjoy this new update very much.

Thank you,

P.S. You plan to equip a new studio with Nuendo 10 or expand on a current installation? Let us know at proaudio ( at )
Timo Wildenhain - Head of Business Unit
Professional Audio Unit
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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