Recommendations needed for a new audio interface with Cubase 10

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Re: Recommendations needed for a new audio interface with Cubase 10

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skijumptoes wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:20 pm
strummer wrote:
Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:54 pm
I wouldn't get a Digiface unless I had some decent preamps, the Babyface Pro is a much better choice imho, or an UCX. If you want the Digiface, you could get a UR824 to get 8 mic in and 8 ch out vi ADAT, that would sort it all:)
Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. And i didn't realise those Steinberg interfaces had DSP controllable within Cubase - That's REALLY interested me. Seriously looking at the UR824 now - it looks a steal for what you get with the ADAT option too. Plus, i think i'm done with Mac for audio and perhaps should give USB a try - Apple just seem to want to grab you by the balls and squeeze. :)

One question, have you tried the pre-amps on your UR824 for mic'ing guitar amps? Sometimes i have to raise the gain on my focusrite (Around 75-80%) to get a good recording level if it's late at night. Do they get noisy when applying gain?

Edit: wow it's a good price too - ... ro-9-45860

Cubase on it's own is 400+ - that's insane!
The UR824 is best for it's zero latency analogue monitoring in Cubase but in terms of DSP, it's just EQ, compression and reverb.

The UAD system doesn't give you the zero latency monitoring inside of Cubase, you need to use the UAD mixer as well as load the plugins into the UAD mixer when tracking to keep the latency low but has more fancy DSP plugins and you can buy more DSP plugins for it later.

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