Cubase - E-Licenser - 3 months nothing.

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Cubase - E-Licenser - 3 months nothing.

Post by brookers »

Hi, Steinberg support.

Please can someone contact me regarding this.

I had made purchase here in the UK online for a cross grade to Cubase 10 pro during your promotion.

I waited and had an initial delivery of the elicenser which had NOTHING in the box apart from a dispatch note.

I’ve submitted to your sales support many tickets and heard NOTHING back.

I now want to obtain a refund for not only the Elicneser but the crossgrade of Cubase 10 pro which I haven’t even been able to use.

Please ensure someone gets back to me or I will have to involve trading standards.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Cubase - E-Licenser - 3 months nothing.

Post by Steinberg »


I have checked orders with your e-mail address. There is a Cubase Pro 10 Crossgrade, for which an Activation Code has been generated upon purchase.
I have re-sent the e-mail containing the code just now - please check the spam folder, too.

The USB-eLicenser has been delivered on the 11th of June, according to the UPS tracking.

If you didn't receive it, please contact Asknet, Steinberg Support have no insight of the financial and logistic systems.
You can also call for immediate help:

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