Where is HSO????

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Where is HSO????

Post by neilhunter »

Hi all,

I've just noticed something: HSO seems to have disappeared from the Steinberg website! I can't see it under the "Shop" or "Products" tabs.

However, if you click on the big "VST" button below the top picture on the Home-page, you get a nice picture of all the products, including HSO, but in the text below, it's ommited. :cry:

Is HSO in the process of being updated? New Sonic interface maybe?? Full integration inside H4 maybe???? :?:

Any news?


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Re: Where is HSO????

Post by JuhaPS »

Where it is? Same problem...

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Re: Where is HSO????

Post by JMCecil »

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Re: Where is HSO????

Post by Raymondo »

16 bit VST version with 6.24 Gb download link at http://www.steinberg.net/en/landing_pag ... paign=bhso My page showing AUD$115 but I think it might be some 20% cheaper elsewhere (eg US$99 = AUD$93.27 today).

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