Microphone Set Up Issues - I'm a Newbie!

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Microphone Set Up Issues - I'm a Newbie!

Post by xktcx »

Hi all,

Forgive me, I have spent several hours reading posts and watching online videos but I can't seem to get the most basic things set up right now. I am sadly not technically minded!

I have a new Aston Origin microphone connected to a Steinberg UR22mkII USB Audio Interface, connected to Cubase 10.5 which is on a HP Spectre laptop. I'm trying to set it up to use it for the first time and am failing.

The audio interface is turned on and I have the Cubase programme downloaded but no matter what I do, I cannot get the microphone to be 'recognised' by the interface. The light doesn't come on to indicate any sound being registered nor do any of the input sections on the software seem to be moving. I am sure I'm doing something very basic wrong; could anyone possibly help me with this please or point me in the right direction for where I can find an answer to this?

Thank you in advance!


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Re: Microphone Set Up Issues - I'm a Newbie!

Post by -steve- »

Have you turned on Phantom Power?
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