Which Control surface for Nuendo 5.5 (6)?

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Which Control surface for Nuendo 5.5 (6)?

Post by ChemistTree »

Hi All,

I am looking at getting a second hand control surface for Nuendo for use in some music workshops.

I idealy want something that controls the faders and automation parameters.

Can anybody recommend something fairly inexpensive that is fairly good and above all, compatible with Nuendo.



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Re: Which Control surface for Nuendo 5.5 (6)?

Post by Mark Williams »

I don't know about your budget but I have had great reliability from my Euphonix (now Avid) Artist Series Mix. That's an eight channel fader bank with a row of soft controls for pan, etc. It seems more responsive than the various Mackie and other low cost fader systems and has been in daily use for about four years now.
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Re: Which Control surface for Nuendo 5.5 (6)?

Post by neilwilkes »

I got my ID Console at a knock-down price & have never regretted it.
Not cheap new though.....
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Detailed Specs on request

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