How do I do this? (driving me NUTS)

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How do I do this? (driving me NUTS)

Post by neilwilkes »

I am getting absolutely fed up with new plugin editors always appearing in the middle of the feckin' screens.
On a 2 monitor system, this is infuriating to put it very mildly as every editor is split by the divide between the 2 screens..

Is there any way within Windows 7 to stop this happening?
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Re: How do I do this? (driving me NUTS)

Post by theoldman »

I'm sure there is a good reason to use two seperate screens but what I've done for simplicity is both screens as one image and then resize the screens the way I want them plugins screens everything stays as I want it ,at first I had to change things but now its all templates. p.s. I work of an old Amek and use the bottom screen for tracks top screen for mixer at the very top time and transport I also use a separate controller the plug in screens open where I positioned them last and remain there unless I move them.
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