How to send MIDI message to external device?

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How to send MIDI message to external device?

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Im using Cubase SE3. My setup works grate, when recording and playing MIDI. I have several synths in my setup assign to different channels. My question is really simple: How can I transmit a MIDI message to a particular synth enabling it to start the arpigator and when to stop it?
The synth I want to control is an Korg Triton Extreme. I use a particular program in "combi mode" that has an arp/rythm section as part of the total sound setup. Manually I can start the arp/rythm section by pressing and repressing a start/stop button. But I want my Cubase to this for me, so I dont have to do this manually.
One thing that works is that when my cubase song start and my synth start/stop buttom is "armed", red light, it starts the arp/rythm as soon as the first midi notes are played. This is ok sometimes but in other songs, I want to control when it shall start. At the end of the song, the synth will continue to play the arp/rythm part until I press the start/stop button. Again, I want to avoid this, and let Cubase due this...
Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to send MIDI message to external device?

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It sounds like the Arp on/off control may be happening with either CC data or sysex data. Here are the steps I use to figure out what data channel an event is happening on.

Start a new empty project with a MIDI track. Put the MIDI track in record enable and press record. Play middle C for a whole note, then press the controller you are wanting to see (ARP on/off button). Press stop.

Now double-click on the MIDI event that was recorded. At the bottom left where it currently says "Velocity", click on that pull-down menu. You should see Velocity listed with an Asterisk (*), and you should also see another item with an * after it. The * means that there is data on that channel. Select the other item with the *, and you should see the data happening at the same time as the ARP on/off button.

One note: If the data is coming through Sysex, you need to turn off the Sysex filtering. Go to Preferences, MIDI Filter, and uncheck "Sysex". I hope this info helps.
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