between WIN8.1 and OSX

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between WIN8.1 and OSX

Post by g13 »

Hi, I'm having a trouble with opening a Cubase7.5 session file in Win8.1, which was saved in OSX platform.

When I open up the session files which are saved with different platform(OSX and WINs), the audio channels and vst instruments come up properly but some of the plugins are set back to default.
For example the auto-tunes are always come up with C (chromatics) key even though the auto-tune was supposed to be saved in different key.
Also the Izotopes' Alloy2 plugins are always set back default, when I try to open with different platform.

I'm using Windows8.1 at home and my studio is Mac OSX platform,
so i gotta solve this problem...

Anyone have ideas why this happens between OSX & Win8?

Thank U!

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Re: between WIN8.1 and OSX

Post by Indigo »

There is no such thing as 100% mac/win compatibility when you're dealing with third-party plug-ins. If you only use Steinberg plugs, then you should not experience such issues.
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