Getting Korg PadKontrol to show up in Nuendo\Cubase

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Getting Korg PadKontrol to show up in Nuendo\Cubase

Post by fishman35 »

So I bought a Korg PadKontrol to trigger EZ Drummer for tracks in Nuendo 4.3. I was having trouble getting the PadKontrol to show up in Nuendo as VST Instrument. I knew I had the driver installed correctly (15 years an engineer for Dell), and I could get EX Drummer to see the Korg and trigger each drum perfectly. Korg PadKontrol does NOT show up under Add Midi device.

I went looking to see if this was a systemic issue. I se a lot of folks with this issue, but no real solutions. Just "check driver, reboot computer, blah blah". I got it working, so here are the things to check.
  • Make sure that under Start>Programs>Korg>Configure Korg USB that the check is in "Suppress device number in the port name of the first device
  • Make sure that the MIDI In is set for the appropriate OS version or set for Both
  • In Nuendo or Cubase, under Devices>MIDI Device Manager, you may have to add the Korg PadKontrol by using Install Device>GM. Give it the name Korg PadKontrol. At the bottom of the window, change the output to PadKontrol CRTL
  • Next go to Devices>VST Connections. Click External Instruments. Click Add external instrument. Click Associate and choose the Korg one you just created. Now click the + next to the Korg. Make sure the return is set for ASIO DirectX (or if you have a different MIDI return
  • Next go to Devices>Device Setup. Under the MIDI section, make sure the Korg shows up. Then click Remote Devices>Quick Controls. Choose the Korg PadKontrol input for the input and the Korg PadKontrol out for the output.
  • Last, go to Devices>Plug In Information. Click VST Plugin Paths. Click Add. Browse to for 64 bit Windows= C:\Program Files (x86)\Korg\Korg USB MIDI Driver. For 32 bit Windows C:\Program Files\Korg\Korg USB MIDI Driver. Just highlight the folder and click OK. Now click Update plugin information.
Now you can use it as a VST instrument. Of course, if you do not have the driver from Korg, all of this is a moot point. Hope this helps someone.

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Re: Getting Korg PadKontrol to show up in Nuendo\Cubase

Post by atchala13 »

This was very helpful. I'm still stuck on a few of the steps . Cubase won't give me the output option for Korg PAdKontrol. Thanks for posting.

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