Upgrading to Elements 7 from AI 6 - any major differences?

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Upgrading to Elements 7 from AI 6 - any major differences?

Post by owex » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:41 pm

Hi, I have AI 6 and was thinking about upgrading to Elements 7, but first want to know... Are there really some major improvements? Apart from a bigger number of tracks...
I'm especially interested in workflow- is it better in Elements 7? Are there some new features I don't have on AI 6?
I use Halion 5, so I don't really want any sounds, but I quite need some new effects- what about them? Especially reverb, the one on AI 6 doesn't appeal to me.
Generally speaking- I want to know all the differences apart from the numbers of tracks, as there is no information about workflow, effects, new functions, andI don't really know if for me Elements is worth buying.
And one more- if Elements doesn't have better reverb- where can I get some decent one? Can you recommend any?

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