SOLVED Will C8 make my Halion 5 and VST Sound to work again?

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SOLVED Will C8 make my Halion 5 and VST Sound to work again?

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I recently get rid of my windows PC and got a meh Mac Mini. It came with Yosemite. With the help of Steinberg Application Installer for Yosemite I was able to install C7.5, And the rest (Halion5, Halion Sonic SE 2, Groover Agent4, Metronomic Cinema, Granular Guitars, Granular Symphonies, Padshop Pro, Halios Symphonic Orchestra and Zero Gravity). I can't find the original library from Padshop, and can't fin 90 samples from Halion. Granular Guitars, Granular Symphonies and Medtronic Cinemas doesn't exist, although perfectly installed. Cubase seem to run fine, but I purchase those sounds because I need them. I read an article regarding Yosemite compatibility, but it doesn't said anything regarding when Sternberg will make what I purchase WORKS. Any solution? Am I doing something wrong here?
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Re: Will C8 make my Halion 5 and VST Sound to work again?

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I just answered on your other post about the missing samples...
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