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Whats New for HALion

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Is there going to be anymore New Libraries, Could still use some more ethnic,
I wouldn't say that the current world instruments is complete, yes I have a number of
Akai disks and set up a good library of my own , and I must say the import for HAlion
is verry good.. others would be cinematic percussion, a guitar strummer with full control
over the patterns, Special types of instruments packs like a large detail more customize Pre bass with amp .
I know the basses already are really good I use Large Finger Bass XXL all the time .
But I'm just throwing out some idea's.
it would be nice to unlock the rest of the HALion Sonic SE content in HALion so you can edit and
customize, I found this happening few times were I could of made a really good patch but was
not able do to it's lock content,
For me HAlion 5 is still unstable and its been along time for fixes and the fix cause new problems
how long until the next,
New Halion I would like to see a more better slimline GUI. less cartoon graphics and better use of space
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