Nuendo 4.3 dragging VSTI to same track?

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Nuendo 4.3 dragging VSTI to same track?

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I have been working with Addictive Drums II in VSTI mode, and have finally figured out how to drag the preset drum beats to a MIDI track in Nuendo 4.3, and also getting it to snap to the previous stem seamlessly.

Here's the problem. I already have ADII open as an "Instrument Track" yet when I attempt to drag a beat into Nuendo, it generates a completely new Instrument track, and I have to drag it up to ADII's track, snap it in place, and delete the new instrument track. I suppose I could open a new instance of ADII in each instrument track, but that seems ridiculous.

Is there a way to drag MIDI files into Nuendo, have them all line up, snapped properly on one single track that is already running an instance of ADII?

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