Can't find .wav samples through MediaBay

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Can't find .wav samples through MediaBay

Post by SachaMartin »

Hi everyone,

I'm new on the forum so sorry if I'm not posting this subject in the right place. Also sorry if the answer already was somewhere but I didn't find it, just tell me where it is if it's the case, please.

I have .wav files that I downloaded from the Converse Rubber Library. When I try to add them to the Media Bay, the path to the folder where they are is not lightened. If I select this folder anyways and click Rescan, the files don't even appear.

From what I found, I think .wav are supposed to work. Is there a step I'm missing somewhere or do the files need to be in another format or something?

Also I'm using Cubase 8 Elements, in case it has anything to do with it.

Any help would be VERY appreciated.

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